VolkerWessels Bouwmaterieel & Beelen actief op WeMakeThe.City

VolkerWessels Bouwmaterieel & Beelen actief op WeMakeThe.City

WeMakeThe.City, the festival that makes cities better, will zoom in in 2019 on how we can make cities from, for and by truly everyone. Together with Beelen Groep, VolkerWessels Bouwmaterieel actively participated in this tour by letting guests take a look at the first circular BouwHub in the Netherlands.

The circular BouwHub
As part of this festival, a program was set up on 18 June that focused on sustainable construction. Amsterdam has the ambition to be a circular city by 2050, in which waste does not exist and the city is a source of valuable raw materials. In the context of collective sustainable construction of a metropolis without waste, the participants in the afternoon program had the unique opportunity to visit the first circular BouwHub in the port area on the Ankerweg. During this sunny day, Axel Hendriks van Beelen NEXT and Ron Frazer from VolkerWessels Bouwmaterieel hosted the BouwHub. From their presentations it became clear that BouwHub is a white label concept which means that all parties (builders and suppliers) can use the facilities that the BouwHub offers. In the BouwHub, residual flows from construction and demolition projects are collected, processed and processed into new raw material or building material. These and other materials are consolidated into day packages and then transported in the most efficient way by road or water to construction projects in the city center.

Social return via TalentHub Level-5
Ook TalentHub Level-5 kwam aan het woord tijdens het bezoek. Bij de verwerking van materialen uit sloopprojecten worden mensen met een afstand tot de arbeidsmarkt door hun opgeleid en ingezet op weg naar een betaalde baan. In een bevlogen presentatie maakten zij duidelijk hoe ideeën, plannen of concepten gekoppeld worden aan de ontwikkeling van mensen die een nieuw perspectief zoeken. Vervolgens groeien hieruit duurzame economische concepten. Maandag 24 juni ging de TalentHub officieel van start!

Advantages of a Construction Hub at the Ankerweg location
The water-bound location makes transport of material, equipment and people over water possible. This offers the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (M RA) the unique opportunity to sustainably optimize its inner-city logistics and reduce its C02 footprint.

Where VolkerWessels Construction Materials coordinates the overall logistics in the construction chain, Beelen ensures circularity by reducing residual flows in the material cycle. For example, VolkerWessels Building Materials and Beelen Group are ready for the new circular city.

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